• Prof Jan Dewing

    Prof Jan Dewing

    Sue Pembrey Chair of Nursing, Director of CPcPR, Head of QMU Graduate School & Omega Xi Chapter President

  • Prof Brendan McCormack

    Prof Brendan McCormack

    Head of The Division of Nursing; Occupational & Arts Therapies, Associate Director CPcPR & Omega Xi Chapter Vice President

  • Dr Fiona Kelly

    Dr Fiona Kelly


  • Dr Erna Haraldsdottir

    Dr Erna Haraldsdottir

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Fiona Maclean

    Dr Fiona Maclean

    Senior Lecturer & Programme Leader, PgDip/Msc Occupational Therapy (Post-Reg)

  • Dr Margaret A Coulter Smith

    Dr Margaret A Coulter Smith

    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr Caroline AW Dickson

    Dr Caroline AW Dickson

    Senior Lecturer & Omega Xi Chapter Secretary

  • Dr Maria Giatsi Clausen

    Dr Maria Giatsi Clausen

    Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapy

  • Dr Cathy Bulley

    Dr Cathy Bulley


  • Dr Derek Santos

    Dr Derek Santos

    Senior Lecturer

  • Kavi Jagadamma

    Kavi Jagadamma


  • Dr Savina Tropea

    Dr Savina Tropea

    Lecturer & Omega Xi Chapter Post Graduate Doctoral Counsellor

  • Dr Karen Matthews

    Dr Karen Matthews


  • Dr Vaibhav Tyagi

    Dr Vaibhav Tyagi


  • Dr Duncan Pentland

    Dr Duncan Pentland


  • Dr Jacklyn Jones

    Dr Jacklyn Jones

    Senior Lecturer

  • Megan Dickson

    Megan Dickson


  • Dr Deborah Baldie

    Dr Deborah Baldie

    Senior Nurse in Practice Development

  • Nicky Haire

    Nicky Haire

    Lecturer, Occupational Therapy and Arts Therapy

  • Dr Philippa Derrington

    Dr Philippa Derrington

    Senior lecturer Occupational Therapy and Arts Therapies

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