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The aim of our book is to illustrate, with practical examples, a new worldview or paradigmatic synthesis that we have called critical creativity. Designed to underpin transformational practice development and research within health and social care, this synthesis of criticality and creativity brings together critical social science, creative and ancient traditions, ecology, spirituality and human being. The ultimate purpose for such work is human flourishing for all involved; a concept that is much promoted in today’s health and social care as well as education.

At its centre, the book sets out our key published papers (McCormack and Titchen), describing the elements of human flourishing and philosophical, theoretical and methodological mandalas (frameworks) for person-centred, action-oriented research, education and practice development work within this worldview.  Indeed, the book itself is a mandala with these papers physically in the middle and connecting with the outer published stories, experiences and Blog posts ( of practice developers, researchers and educators using the mandalas in their practices.  These illustrations and substantial new contributions by ourselves and others focus on how critical creativity helps to improve practice, through transformation and human flourishing. Alongside run some of the challenges of doing so and how they can be overcome.

A symbolic representation: This e-book is a mandala* of mandalas founded on the heart. It is invitational, gentle, flowing, delicate and provides readers with ways in and out of the central frameworks underpinning critical creativity. The book uses story, conversational tones and provides hooks or ‘ladders’ to help people into and out of this centre.

*A mandala is an ancient symbol that shows the whole and its parts and the relationships between them.

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