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International Community of Practice

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The International Community of Practice for Person-centred Practice (PcP ICoP) is an international community, mainly of academics who are interested in advancing knowledge in the field of person-centred practice. Note here that ‘practice’ is taken as being in any field: care, education, research, management, policy and so on. The ICoP is hosted by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and co-ordinated by Professor Brendan McCormack.

The ICoP co-ordinates a programme of research and scholarship, and supports collaborative publications and presentations as well as a thriving community of practice for doctoral students who are studying aspects of person-centredness – the SICoP. Each of the partner organisations is engaged in teaching/learning, research and scholarship activities connected to person-centred practice.

A particular focus of the work of the PcP-ICoP has been the positioning of person-centred theory, practice and principles in curricula. While there is increasing evidence of person-centred curricula emerging in different academic institutions and organisations committed to continuous professional development, its application is largely sporadic, inconsistent in approach and operating at varying degrees of explicitness in terms of the representation of person-centred concepts, theories and principles.

To this end, the PcP-ICOP convened two colloquia focusing on person-centredness in the curriculum, the aims of which were to:

1. Share learning from existing curriculum developments

2. Consider the state of the evidence underpinning person-centredness in curricula internationally

3. Develop a shared understanding of person-centred curricula

4. Identify core principles to underpin person-centred curricula


Publications from ICoP members


Dickson, C.A.W., van Lieshout, F.,  Kmetec, S.,  McCormack, B. Skovdahl, K., Phelan, A., Cook, N. F., Cardiff, S. Brown, D. Lorber, M.,  Magowan, R., McCance, T., Dewing, J. and Štiglic, G. 2020. Developing philosophical and pedagogical principles for a pan-European person-centred curriculum framework. International Practice Development Journal. Volume 10, Special Issue on Person-centred Curricula, Article 3.


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Special Issue of the IPDJ: Person-centred Curricula


1. Editorial: Educating for a person-centred future – the need for curriculum innovation  

Brendan McCormack

2. A meta-synthesis of person-centredness in nursing curricula

Deirdre O’Donnell, Brendan McCormack, Tanya McCance and Sonja McIlfatrick

3. Review of developments in person-centred healthcare

Amanda Phelan, Brendan McCormack, Jan Dewing, Donna Brown, Shaun Cardiff, Neal F. Cook, Caroline A.W. Dickson, Sergej Kmetec, Mateja Lorber, Ruth Magowan, Tanya McCance, Kirsti Skovdahl, Gregor Štiglic and Famke van Lieshout

4. Developing philosophical and pedagogical principles for a pan-European person-centred curriculum framework  

Caroline A.W. Dickson, Famke van Lieshout, Sergej Kmetec, Brendan McCormack, Kirsti Skovdahl, Amanda Phelan, Neal F. Cook, Shaun Cardiff, Donna Brown, Mateja Lorber, Ruth Magowan, Tanya McCance, Jan Dewing and Gregor Štiglic

Elizabeth Rosser, Liz Westcott, Parveen A. Ali, Joanne Bosanquet, Enrique Castro-Sanchez, Jan Dewing, Brendan McCormack, Joy Merrell, Gary Witham.

The Need for Visible Nursing Leadership During COVID-19. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 2020

Rhonda L. Wilson, Jennifer Carryer, Jan Dewing, Silvia Rosado, Frederik Gildberg, Frederik Gildberg, Alison Hutton, Amanda Johnson, Marja Kaunonen, Nicolette Sheridan.

The state of the nursing profession in the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020 during COVID‐19: A Nursing Standpoint. Nursing Philosophy. 24 July 2020 

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Cristina Buiza, Álvaro García-Soler, Pura Díaz-Veiga, Enrique Arriola, Elena Fernández. 

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Nijboer, A. A. J., & Van der Cingel, C.J.M.

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This is a list of publications of members of ICoP from 2020 and 2019. For a list of ICoP publications from previous years, please click here to go to the archive page.

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