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In 2010 a community of practice was set up for and by doctoral students engaged in person-centred and practitioner research. This community has become part of a larger international community of practice. The main aim of this Student International Community of Practice (SICoP) was to provide a forum for collaborative learning, networking and meaningful connection, while making a positive contribution to creating and sharing knowledge of person-centred and action-orientated research practices. Membership in the community of practice is experienced as beneficial, providing both support and challenge to enrich the doctoral students’ development as person-centred researchers.

"Fire is the passion at the hearth of the SICoP

Keeping true creativity alight

Diversity is honoured, inclusive interaction occurs

And warmth and acceptance burn bright"


- Poem titled 'SICoP and the Four Elements' by Brighide Lynch

  • Ailsa Espie

    Research interests

    In-country culture influence on the interpretation and delivery of transnational education programmes.

  • Alistair Shields

    Research interests

    Maximizing the effectiveness of Police Scotland Investigations when people living with dementia go missing.

  • Betty Ann Robinson

    Research interests

    Becoming a transformational learning facilitator: exploring, co-creating and understanding the experience of hospital educators. Participatory action-orientated research.

  • Caroline Gibson

    Research interests

    An exploration of the experiences of older men who participate in cookery classes delivered by a third sector organisation in Scotland: a hermeneutic study.

  • Caroline Hussey

    Research interests

    How might music therapy support person-centred practice with people living with chronic conditions?

  • Chris Siegersma

    Research interests

    Adopting a trauma-informed approach with primary schools in Malta and Gozo: using participatory action research.

  • Christie Siegersma

    Research interests

    Developing and Implementing Person-Centred Cultures in a child and adolescent mental health in-patient unit.

  • Clare Gillespie

    Research interests

  • Corinne Auer

    Research interests

    Person-centred practice in a Swiss cancer outpatient clinic: a participatory research to assess the current workplace culture and what matters most to service users followed by co-designing a culture of person-centredness.

  • Emma Maclean

    Emma Maclean

    Research interests

    Maximising the use of personalised measures with people with complex mental health needs in the Arts Therapies and beyond.

  • Fares Daradkeh

    Research interests

    Hermeneutic Phenomenology study exploring the experiences of English-speaking expatriate Nurses to better understand their emotion and challenges while caring for the UAE citizens with substance abuse.

  • Fiona Gilmour

    Fiona Gilmour

    Research interests

    Promoting person-centeredness using shared reading in a care home setting for older persons.

  • Gareth Hill

    Research interests

    The distinctiveness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual (LGB) persons affected by cancer treatment and impact on personhood: a participatory research study in Scotland.

  • Gemma Logan

    Research interests

    Exploring the discourses of the discharge of older people and the implications for person-centred practice: a critical discourse analysis.

  • Honor MacGregor

    Research interests

    Women’s lived experiences of pregnancy and homelessness.

  • Joon Oh

    Research interests

    The development and application of music therapy programmes for youth in multicultural families: Focusing on family-related factors

  • Karen Rennie

    Karen Rennie

    Research interests

    Sexual expression in Persons Living with Dementia and Impact on Nursing Care.

  • Kate Sanders

    Kate Sanders

    Research interests

    ‘Muchness’: enabling nurses to be more person-centred within their workplace culture: participatory research

  • Kelly Marriott-Statham

    Kelly Marriott-Statham

    Research interests

    The practice environment and enabling an older person to participate in shared decision making: engagement in residential care through person-centredness.

  • Laura Taheny

    Research interests

    An Exploration into Healthful Cultures in Healthcare.

  • Liz Breslin

    Research interests

    Exploring a concept analysis of facilitation within Practice Development to support the development of person-centred cultures of care.

  • Maisa Gurlech

    Research interests

  • Maria Mackay

    Research interests

    Crafting person-centred learning relationships for student learners and clinical supervisor learners: participatory person-centred research.

  • Megan Dickson

    Research interests

    The spaces in-between: an exploration of how nurses and deaf, British Sign Language users perceive their interactions.

  • Rebecca Brew

    Research interests

    Unconscious Racial Bias and Black African Women with HIV living in Edinburgh and their experiences with the NHS

  • Sergej Kmetec

    Research interests

    Components of a Model of Person-centredness in Palliative Care among patients with non-communicable Diseases in Slovenian hospitals.

  • Seán Paul Teeling

    Research interests

    Whether, to what extent and in what ways Lean and Six Sigma in healthcare contribute to person-centredness, person- centred care and cultures.

  • Vibeke Narverud Nyborg

    Research interests

    A historical methodological critique of person-centredness– health education in the past to inform the future.

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