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Blog - A poem to my children

QMU Nursing

Sunday, 6 June 2021


Hello everyone, my name is Donna I have currently just finished my first year at QMU in the Master of Nursing Course and currently have 3 years of my studies remaining.

Entering full time education as a mature student was not a difficult choice for me, but it always seemed like an unreachable goal. This thinking was a result of the way that I was brought up, with no guidance or someone to inspire me to do anything that pushed my boundaries. My reason for returning to full time education is because I want to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse, but also for my children to have someone that they can look to and see that it is not impossible to reach those goals with dedication and hard work.

I recently wrote my first reflective assessment and when I was doing so, I was able to write a short poem that I would like to share with you all. Reflecting on the poem will help me to continue my nursing path and help to keep me focused in remembering I am not just doing this degree for myself.

Poem to my children

When I was younger, I didn’t have any hunger.

I didn’t have ambition and wasn’t ever driven.

I had my children young, and from there, my ambition sprung.

I want to show my children that life is all about living.

I want them to look at me and see that I am trying,

and hopefully help them realise that life’s about applying.

I want to show my children to push to meet their need, and hopefully, they will understand they are most likely to succeed!

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