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This is an archive of CPcPR and ICoP publications from previous years.

For the current CPcPR publications, please click here.

For the current ICoP publications, please click here.

CPcPR Publications


Carvajal, Ana; Haraldsdottir, Erna; Kroll, Thilo; McCormack, Brendan; Errasti-Ibarrondo, Begona; Larkin, Philip.

Barriers and facilitators perceived by registered nurses to providing person-centred care at the end of life. A scoping review. (FoNS, 2019-11-13).

Gilmour, Fiona; Riccobono, Rossella; Haraldsdottir, Erna.

The value of poetry therapy for people in palliative and end of life care. (Taylor & Francis, 2019-11-08).

Boa, Sally; Duncan, Edward; Haraldsdottir, Erna; Wyke, Sally.

Mind the gap: Patients’ experiences and perceptions of goal setting in palliative care. (Taylor & Francis, 2019-10-13).


Haire, Nicky; White, Becky; Derrington, Philippa.

The arts therapist in public: The dichotomy of clinical and performative improvising. This paper presents a video of a performance at 'Concurrent♯2' in Edinburgh, 2017. it is followed by artist statements made in response to watching the piece. The authors' set in context the work and its development. (GAMUT, 2017-10-03).

ICoP Publications


Van der Cingel C.J.M. (2017).

Compassie en mindfulness, een samenvallend perspectief op goede, persoonsgerichte zorg. Waardenwerk, (red. prof. dr. Harry Kunneman), Journal of Humanistic studies, nr. 70-71, SWP.


Van Der Cingel, C.J.M., Brandsma, L., Van Dam, M., Van Dorst, M., Verkaart, C., & Van Der Velde, C. (2016). 

Concepts of person-centred care: a framework analysis of five studies in daily care practices. International Practice Development Journal, 6(26).

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