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News - Prof Jan Dewing: European Award for Excellence in Research

QMU Nursing

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Prof Jan Dewing: European Award for Excellence in Research

Professor Jan Dewing, Sue Pembrey Professor of Nursing, Director of The Centre of Person-centred Practice Research, Head of The Graduate School at Queen Margaret University (QMU) and President of Omega Xi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), has been awarded the prestigious Sigma European Award for Excellence in Research at the Sigma European Conference, 28th May 2020.

Over a period of 24 years Jan has been engaged with nursing research nationally and internationally, with a particular emphasis on practice development and the care of the older person with dementia. Jan has an international reputation for her expertise in person-centred practice and research, working with, and leading colleagues in Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, Canada and Australia. Jan was the founding editor of The International Practice Development Journal (IPDJ) and has recently been appointed as Editor of Nursing Philosophy starting in January 2020. She has more than 100 publications in high impact nursing and health journals, delivered more than 10 key note addresses at international conferences and mentored an extensive number of doctoral candidates to completion. Her highly cited research (over 70 citations) particularly relating to older people with dementia who ‘wander-walk’ has influenced policy and practice globally. In addition, the ‘Dewing Wandering Tool’ is the only assessment of older people who wander-walk available globally. Her research into the development of guidelines for people with dementia and cognitive impairments to consent to participate in research has been used in research globally and has been included in national research guidelines in the UK and Australia.

The debate about personhood and person-centredness is kept to the fore by Jan’s collaborative approach to research, providing opportunities for students and collaborators to be part of this process. This provides a forum for high challenge and critical discourse that takes a holistic and embodied way of questioning, and being curious, about the philosophical perspective of the ‘person’ and the ‘person’ in context. This becomes a collective inquiry that generates opportunities for learning and development, including research that supports evidence-based nursing practice, producing publications that connect to, and become part of, nursing theory and research. Jan has led this way of working in positions she has held in the UK and internationally. For example, at the University of Wollongong, Australia Jan established a State-wide programme of research and development in residential long-term care services and this model has been replicated in other countries also. As a result, she was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing Australia in 2011.

Jan’s expertise in nursing research and practice development is shared with international collaborators, doctoral students, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and partners in clinical practice through Advanced Facilitation Schools that attract participants internationally. Jan encourages and supports engagement with research that connects to the realities of practice, recognising the needs of the learner and practitioner to build on reflexive and person-centred ways of working that is evidence-based.

Jan’s internationally recognised expertise in person-centred practice and research including her approach to innovative, creative learning methods enables others to thrive, building and sustaining relationships through a range of collaborations partners in more than 22 countries.

Jan led the development of QMU nursing to become a Chapter of Sigma Global and our ‘Omega Xi Chapter’ was chartered in October 2019. This opens up opportunities for the team and students at QMU to work collaboratively with other Chapters and an international nursing community in terms of nursing research. This is an exciting time to move forward as part of a global research community.

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