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Blog - Poetry says it all!

QMU Nursing

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Queen Margaret University Post Graduate District Nurse Students

On the final day of the programme, the class of September 2018 used storytelling to share stories of experiences during the programme. Individual stories were collated into one and this poem emerged from the themes!


The picture on the box
Shows the finished piece
Whole, colourful, the
Complete fit.
Taking my place
Among the others

I see the possibility
Of connection
But first i must take
Myself apart
Using the spaces
In between to reflect

On who i am and
How i should be?
Disorientating dilemmas
Fill me with self doubt
Broken, i look for the
Lost pieces

That will put
me back together,
not as i was before
But still good enough.
Being, not doing,
Scaffolding, not fixing.

Filling the spaces with
Theory and reflection
The edges are formed.
Risk taking and
deep discomfort
Add some more pieces

A picture emerges
Others are enabled
To add to it
Supported through
Intelligent kindness and
Trusting the process

Now we facilitate
Persons to solve
their own puzzles
In their own time
Standing back
Being brave

A canvas in blue
Not yet complete
Minding the gaps
And valuing them
As useful in
Their own right

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