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Blog - Legacy of Florence Nightingale

Alison Bacigalupo

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Caroline Dickson shares some wise words

Anne-Marie Rafferty, President of the Royal College of Nursing gave a recent and insightful presentation on the legacy of Florence Nightingale. Dr Caroline Dickson, Senior Lecturer at Queen Margaret University and Secretary to the Omega Xi Chapter of Nursing , Sigma Theta Tau International considers the lessons to be learned.

Be an influencer:

Create a network of people who can help you are in your work

Understand your purpose

Aim to make a difference

Be a rebel

Get things done

Use data to understand the situation and to influence

Disseminate your work

Tell your story

Use data to visualisation in dissemination

Use evidence as rhetoric

Understand your audience

Be compassionate

Be re-assurance

Be kind

Promote self-care

Be curious

Ask questions

Be open to different perspective’s

Be progressive

Get an education

……oh and wash your hands!

Wise words indeed!

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